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Collecting the stories of modern heroes. We are collecting stories from people who have service the the British Forces since World War II. We are looking for people from the Greater Manchester area who are willing to tell their story of events while in service. We aim to educate secondary students to gain empathy for what it means to serve and to realise that many heroes who have served walk amongst us. We aim to raise awareness for The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress. In coordination with the Tameside Volunteer Centre we have had volunteers interview on video and written account to collate the stories.

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Social History Project

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We would like your stories from your time in the forces. Everybody has a story to tell, be that from a sensitive time in conflict to the fun you had while on basic training. We would like to capture as many accounts as we can to be included in our book we are publishing to go along with this website. If you would like to be be recorded on video and have your account featured on the website, please contact us.

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We are producing a book for secondary schools. The book and website will be used to give stimulating educational projects and topics to be used with students. The learning material is designed to be used in cross curricular activities and hep students gain an understanding of conflict in modern times and how people who walk amongst us have affect our lives today.

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We have produced a book to accompany this website, which is FREE to schools within the Greater Manchester Area.

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