Fredrick Morris

Fred Morris served with Number 2 Armoured Car Company in the Royal Air Force in Palestine.

We moved from camp to camp escorting, in the main, a bit of guarding but driving round airfields at night. Out looking for terrorists. It was the Jewish terrorists who were trying to kill us and we lost one or two people. It was the bombs at the side of the road like those in Afghanistan. The first cars out in the morning, coming out of the camp, went as fast as they possibly could.

Underneath the armoured cars we had was a huge steel plate and you also put a sandbag under your feet in the cab but even so we lost one or two. We did all sorts of varying jobs.

The cars were great to drive, very good.  Not so good off road as they had no windscreen. You had a very small hole to look out of and you always wore goggles, they were extremely hot in hot weather but certainly off road but as I remember they were fun to drive.

We were working with the Palestine police in Tel Aviv who had similar cars to us and we used to mix the crews up because the if you had a Palestine policeman on the crew you had more powers as we couldn’t really arrest people but they could. We did patrols around the city. There were shootings and disturbances in 1946 and 1947.

If you were driving off road you didn’t wear a beret or forage cap but an Arab headdress. With your goggles it was ideal. Once we changed over to being RAF regiment they didn’t like that but we thought if it was good enough for the locals it was good for us! They wanted us to wear boots and puttees and a beret.

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