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December 1944

Greek Civil war

Mainland Greece shares borders with Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey and also includes more than 1,200 islands scattered throughout the Aegean Sea.

Where did it happen?

During WWII Greece was occupied by Nazi Germany, forcing King George II of Greece and his government to flee to Egypt where they set up a government in exile. Forces controlled by the Greek Communists, National Liberation Front - (EAM) and Greek People’s Liberation Army - (ELAS) organised the resistance movement back in Greece. By the time the Allied Forces fought their way to Athens in October 1944, these groups controlled most of the country.  Although EAM and ELAS were communists, the Soviet leader, Stalin offered no help to them in their struggle to keep control of Greece. Instead they relied for help on the nearby Communist countries of Albania and Yugoslavia.

Why did it happen?



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