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August 1990

Gulf War 1

Iraq and Kuwait are in the Middle East. They both share a border with Saudi Arabia and the much smaller country of Kuwait runs down to the Persian Gulf.  Iraq also borders Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran.

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

The Iran/Iraq war had left Iraq with a massive amount of debt and over 20,000 of its people killed. Its main income came from selling oil and the war had a severe effect on their ability to produce and sell it. One of Iraq’s neighbours, the relatively small but oil rich country of Kuwait boosted its production. This caused the oil price to fall by 40%. In an attempt to control the oil price the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussain planned to invade Kuwait. At first he asked for payment in land for Iraq defending the country during the Iran/Iraq war. He was confident that the politics of the Middle East would not be a concern to the International community.