Record Your Own

Do you own a smart phone with a video camera? We your half way there to being a journalist. We have ben gine permission by Anna Brees to use some of her training material. 

Interviewing Tips


Filming Tips


Story Format Tips


Creating a Video Package Tips



There are a wide range of video editing software available

Your Task

We would like your to record someone who you think is a hero – in your eyes for whatever reason!

Start the video with a introduction of whay they are a hero

Get as much background on them as you can and get them to tell their story as to how they got to the position thy have.

What drives them, who inspired them, what makes them go that extra mile, what advice would they give to people, what advice would they give to there 10 year old self?

The aim is to capture heroes and what makes them a hero!

Once you have finished your masterpiece and email us your youtube clip or video link. CONTACT US PAGE

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