Welcome to Heroes Past & Present

Not all heroes wear capes, or underpants over their trousers. Many of today’s heroes walk amongst us! This website is to pay tribute to all those who have served in the British Forces since WWII. Aimed at Secondary School students, its aim is to raise awareness of the conflicts, not studied in the curriculum. Bringing modern heroes to life….

Collecting the stories of the modern hero.

We have collected stories from people who have served in the British Forces since World War II. People from the Greater Manchester area were willing to tell their story of events while in service

We aim to educate secondary students to gain empathy for what it means to serve and to realise that many heroes who have served walk amongst us. They may have several in your family.

We aim to raise awareness for The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress.

We hope to collect more stories, if you’re will to share your story please contact us.